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Welcome to the Mill,

Here at Southwest Ideas, we are a customer service company in the business of selling custom southwest everything! We have been manufacturing custom interiors and exteriors for building and remodeling projects since 1988.

Wondering how we get our logs cut down to size? Check out this video, or head to our YouTube channel where we offer tips on
DIY projects, tools, and tool maintenance.

Standing Viga Base

New Hardware Incoming!

Clean powder coating, solid structure, with a built-in riser.  You love your rustic log structures, and so do we.  These new metal standing bases have been designed using 30 years of experience to make sure they keep your logs standing and in tact..

The Trail of the Jaguar

Here is a sneak peek at one of our recent customer's projects. This really turned into something special and we are so happy to be part of it,

elmwood park zoo, log ceiling, viga, latilla


Here's the pictures from start to finish of the patio we did. Thanks again for the lovely wood. We will be back in for more soon. We love our new patio thanks to Idaho Forest.”


We are a Customer Service Company in the business of selling Custom Southwest Everything!